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Newsgroups Now Accept Paypal

EASYNEWS.COM a premiere Usenet newsgroup provider, just announced that it is now accepts PayPal.   Easynews' PayPal option allows international customers to now access Usenet newsgroup services. Easynews' website offers free Usenet account signup and a unique web-based newsgroup management tool.

Additionally, has announced that all current and new Big Gig plan subscribers will receive its Unlimited NNTP upgrade,  for free, which offers unlimited access to over 100,000 newsgroups, both  text and binary. The Unlimited NNTP add-on features 760 days of  retention, secure SSL encrypted access and an unlimited number of  connections, which is unrivaled by any other Usenet provider. Unlimited  NNTP is offered on other subscription plans for a $9.95  monthly fee. 

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Downloading and watching the new releases for the fall 2010 season is difficult if you 're not aware of the places to download from. The most popular places to download from are usually limewire, torrent sites, and P2P websites, but they are always full of viruses or are very slow. Sometimes a single episode can take hours to download.

There are some little known places to download full tv episodes, without virus and quickly, often within minutes.
The steps to do this are simple. First you need to download some new software to get started.

1) Jdownloader - a program that collects links from your computer clipboard 9 when you click a link, this program adds it automatically to a download queue. You can set the number of simultaneous downloads to whatever you like! it just depends on your internet download speeds.

2) WinRar Utility - WinRAR is an archive manager. It can decompress RAR, ZIP and other files downloaded from Internet and create new archives in RAR and ZIP file format.

3) Rapidshare - a Premium file download service that contains everything one could want - games, tv episodes, movies etc.  Rapidshare is best used as a pay service. This allows you unlimited downloads and also allows you to download multiple downloads at the highest speeds. A rapidshare premium account, in conjunction with jdownloader is the best solution to download anything - almost immediately.

Free TV Show Streaming

Streaming TV shows over the internet is a common way to watch your favority tv series and episodes. It is popular because you can watch tv series epsodes from the comfort of your own home without having to rent. No need to drive to the video store. You order tv shows online using your cable tv provider's digital terminal, or alternatively you can download them from various internet websites such as

The biggest problem with online TV show streaming is that there are very few sources to watch TV series for free. You may find sources to watch tv episodes, but they are not the ones you are looking for - such as 3 season's ago, or one 2 months ago that you missed.

There are online tv show streaming alternatives if you crave tv shows. They are just not going to be found in plain sight.

This is where NZB TV Show Streaming comes into play. NZB files are small pointer files to download movies, music, and tv series from usenet newsgroups. These newsgroups have all the latest and greatest of everything from games, software, movies and tv shows - including entire seasons. The process is easy, starting with a search for the nzb tv show files you want. Use to search for TV shows, for example.

An nzb tv show file will tell the newsreader software where to download the newsgroup messages within the nzb file. These downloaded newsgroup messages have attachments - which are the actual tv show files. After starting to downloading the message attachments, you can begin to watch the tv episode as it is being downloaded. To do this however, you will require an NZB Movie Streaming Program called NZB Player, or BinTube wich is a particularly powerful nzb music, movie and tv show player.

In some cases you may require a usenet subscription to usenet servers, however for starters, you may look here for free usenet servers to get you started. Once you have started using NZB movie streaming, you'll see how this can be one of the most convenient methods to stream nzb movies. Alternatively, you can download all movies highspeed from UseNeXt.

Download Any TV Show Episode

How do you download tv show eposides that just aired on the television? How do you download any TV show episode you missed?

Although this is called pirating, and is illegal according to DCMA, and copyright laws, it still happens every day.

These tv show episodes are recorded and uploaded every day by many people. Any tv series is available, you simply need to know where to look for them.

Downloading tv show episodes can be done using the newsgroups, torrents, forums, and rapidshare sites. Although all of these methods work, the newsgroups is the best place to download movies. it is also the easiest method - using nzb files.

NZB files allow you to watch tv show episodes with a single mouse click. The nzb tv show file invokes a number of programs that each run a special process - to download the tv episodes files themselves, open the an archive utility to decompress and decode the tv show episodes files to make them playable, and finally a nzb media player to watch the movie.

best of all, any of these programs are available free on the internet!

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